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"Wild Coast Raw: First of all, I have 4 animals (2 large dogs and 2 cats)...all of them are exclusively on raw food , and all of them are rather food motivated. When I open up the Wild Coast, however, all Heck breaks loose! The cats are climbing drawers and counter tops and the dogs are salivating and pacing, anxiously awaiting for their turn!

I cannot say enough for this beautiful food and awesome is truly special! Not only are you supporting local, but you are also investing in a responsible company that takes pride in its products. The grind is a beautiful color and texture that proves it truly is made in small batches. Wild Coast Raw is doing something amazing in this industry and I cannot wait to see where they go from here!"

-Josh O., Seattle, WA

"Wild Coast Raw food company is a favorite in my household for so many reasons! The fact it is formulated by a qualified vet gave me confidence in the food and company enough to give it a try. What first drew my attention were the fresh, local ingredients and seasonal flavors. I love supporting a local company! But most importantly, my dogs love it and are thriving. I have noticed improvement in their energy levels and their coats (so soft and shiny!) since switching to a raw diet. Another plus worth mentioning is that there really is less poop to pick up! My picky dog loves it just as much as my chow hound. On behalf of my pups, I highly recommend Wild Coast Raw."

-Kayla M. & food testers, Bindi & Sophie, Tacoma, WA

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