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Company Safety

Safety is our #1 priority at Wild Coast! There are many steps we take in our kitchen to ensure our employees and food remain in tip-top shape every day!

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Employee Safety

While working in our kitchen, each employee adheres to the following rules:

-Frequent Handwashing

-Wearing Gloves, Rubber Aprons, Protective Shoes & Hairnets during production

-Using Disinfectant Shoe Wash when entering & exiting production area

-Disinfecting Rubber Aprons after each use

Equipment Safety

During Food Production, we take these steps to ensure our Kitchen Equipment remains safe, clean, and efficient:

-Sanitize all Work Surfaces before and after production

-Break Down Equipment to thoroughly wash & sanitize after each batch of food is made

-Regularly Inspect Equipment to ensure optimal functionality


Food Safety

Wild Coast is HPP Free!

Alternatively, we use a Lactic Acid wash to ensure the nutrients in our ingredients stay intact and unaltered while still receiving an appropriate bacterial "kill step" to keep our foods safe for you & your pets.

Our raw food undergoes frequent testing for harmful bacteria with each test being recorded in a detailed log book.

The quality of our meats:

-Sourced from Free-Range & Grass Fed family owned farms

-Antibiotic & Hormone Free

-Human Grade

-USDA inspected

-Always kept at safe temperatures

All of our produce is 100% Organically Grown

All of our raw food formulas for cats & dogs are AAFCO Approved

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